Cyril Chapellier

Full-stack web engineer

πŸ‡«πŸ‡·Paris XXe, France⏱Europe/Paris

I am a multi-disciplinary engineer with strong experience in software, IT, digital fabrication and hacking/making. I am rigorous, committed and technical, with strong communication skills in English, French and Spanish.

I strive to design efficient architectures and create functional and well-thought applications and systems. I am a strong advocate of standards and best practices.


  • Full stack development (backend, frontend, embedded)
  • Systems Architecture and DevOps
  • Technical specifications
  • Digital fabrication: 3D Printing / Laser cut / Textile / Woodworking


  • Frontend β€” JavaScript, VueJS, HTML, CSS
  • Backend β€” Node.js, PHP (Symfony)
  • Database β€” MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Devops β€” Ansible, Jenkins
  • Platform β€” Linux, Docker, AWS (ECS / Fargate), OpenStack

Notable projects

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Two classical pianos turned into Playstation 2 controllers using custom electronics and a specific Python3 firmware to map a classical playing style onto the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Gameplay.

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Predictable Farm (Air Liquide)

I contributed (as a contractor) to open-source Predictable Farm, a connected farm system that allows to run a small to mid-sized cluster of farms automatically.

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A simple service and API that makes sharing music across various streaming platforms simple.

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My own private cloud

My own infrastructure (based on OpenStack and Docker) detailed in a set of container images, installation scripts and a blog post.

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Board games

A full-fledged Vue.JS game engine for multiplayer board games, created during lockdown to allow remote friends to play together.

Selected Work Experience

Lead Architect β€” Useradgents

πŸ“ Paris, France πŸ—“Since 09/2020
HTML/CSS JavaScript Node.js Vue.JS PHP Docker MySQL Ansible

Recreated and maintains the whole company infrastructure (VMWare ESXi / Docker + various middlewares)

Defined the new web applicative base stack

Automated code deployment and tests with a Jenkins CI/CD + WebVitals

Worked on various backend (mainly PHP and Node.js) and frontend projects (mainly HTML/CSS/Vue)

Lecturer β€” HETIC

πŸ“ Montreuil, France πŸ—“School years 2018 & 2019
Data IoT Various

Lecturer for final year students (H5) on IoT, connected objects and Data

Jury for final year projects (mostly applications and digital services)

Creative Technologist β€” Joshfire

πŸ“ Paris, France πŸ—“01/2017 β†’ 09/2020
HTML/CSS JavaScript Node.js PHP C/C++ Yocto MySQL

Created embedded systems for various clients in a wide range of industries (smart screens, long-range camera boards, realtime sensors, Bluetooth devices, medical apparatus, ...)

Created mobile applications and frontends to complement embedded devices with dashboards and control interfaces


πŸ“ Paris, France πŸ—“05/2013 β†’ 01/2017
HTML/CSS C/C++ asm Node.js Python IoT

Managed a small team of experts and technicians around projects on embedded systems and 3D printing (software, mechanical & electronics, thermodynamics)

Created embedded systems prototypes for various companies

Trained partners and corporate clients on various subjects ranging from embedded development, rapid prototyping, IoT in general

Backend developer β€” Qobuz

πŸ“ Paris, France πŸ—“06/2012 β†’ 05/2013

Developed and maintained the customer account invoicing API (Symfony)

Worked on frontend revamping of the customer account

Managed externals development agencies (for web and mobile) and wrote technical specifications.

Technical Project Manager β€” Brainsonic

πŸ“ Paris, France πŸ—“10/2009 β†’ 06/2012
HTML/CSS C/C++ Javascript

Managed web development projects including WebTVs, Rich media applications and websites

Live Streaming Engineer / Product Manager (framework) – Responsible for the Live API & Framework technical specifications and product line.

Created and maintained web GUIs to manage RTMP stream flows for live event (webinars, concerts)


  • 2004 β†’ 2008 Student engineer, Ecole Nationale SupΓ©rieure des Mines de Paris, France

    ENSMP is the first-ranked French engineering school with a program leading to a qualification equivalent to an Msc

  • 2005 β†’ 2006 One-year cursus at CrΓ©apole

    One of the best design schools in Paris, in Industrial Product Design and Rough

Extra Curriculum

  • 2012 β†’ 2018 Founder and curator at Thirdplace, an entrepreneurs association
  • 2012 Created and launched, a service for sharing music links easily
  • 2011 β†’ 2012 Trainer at the Benchmark Group Β« Encodage, Streaming, Live... Les fondamentaux techniques de la vidΓ©o en ligne Β»
  • 2008 Finalist of the ’08 Debating Tournament (in English language)
  • 2004 β†’ 2006 Managed the student’s residence computer network infrastructure (over 400 PCs/ 3 servers)


  • πŸ‡«πŸ‡· French β€” Fluent (Mother tongue)
  • πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ English β€” Fluent (London-based for one year, CPE obtained at 17, Numerous trips to the US, Australia, Canada, and many others...)
  • πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Spanish β€” Very good knowledge (Numerous trips to Latin America & Spain)
  • πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦ Arabic β€” Starter

Other interests

  • Crafts and Making β€” Woodworking / CAD / CNC / 3D printing
  • Sports β€” Rock climbing / Sailing / Various